Glare Inland
Quiet Attachment

Apr 30 - May 28, 2011, Exile, Berlin

You are dead now. It is not the first time, but it feels like it. It always has. And now... again. You are even bound to think this state becomes ever newer with each repeated case of unsolicited death. You find yourself in a prison of sorts: cold, dry, boring. Colorless time grips your gray matter, though you feel, feel rather than see, some tints coming back from a subdued horizon. They smell and sound. Strangely enough, you find yourself not welcoming them, still clutching to the lifeless reins.

– Palo Fabuš

1A, 1B untitled

2A "the constellation of white objects suddenly appeared in the presence of an albino cat"

3A, 3B Leaving the House with an Open Fire, but Briefly

4A It's Already Now Again

5A untitled

Robert with the handrail

Photo documentation by Christian Siekmeier.

GIQA Report No 1